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Have a Good Labor Day, Alright?

MP3: The Beatles – Don’t Let Me Down (The Final Glyn Johns Mix)

MP3: The Beatles – Get Back (The Final Glyn Johns Mix)

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U.S. Geological Survey Photographic Library

The USGS Photographic Collection has over 38,000 photos dating back to the 1870s. Amazing pictures of our national parks, the old west, earthquakes, and John Wesley Powell in traditional Paiute Indian dress.

MP3: Elyse – Mortuary Bound (You mean, you mean, you mean? That’s right. Sing it again.)

MP3: Genesis – A Trick Of The Tail

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Almost half of Australia untouched by humans.

Take me there, leave no trace.

MP3: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Way Over There

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Lost Lake Pt. 1

Lost Lake is located in the northeast corner of Rocky Mountain National Park, 10 miles from the nearest trail head. If you want to get there, you’ve got to walk about 4 miles through Roosevelt National Forest, which contains a few minutes of private land, and more than a few minutes of dodging horse apples. You’ll follow the Big Thompson River for most of your ascent, which is slow and steady, a moderate climb that still manages to embarrass you if you’ve got 40 pounds on your back. On the way you might pass a lama or two bringing up packs for those who have finally given up on the idea that carrying the sleeping bags, granola bars, extra layers, and iodine are a means to end, but rather a inconvenience that can be easily avoided. But you got to hand it to these people, they brought lots of beer.

Go to Estes Park, find Devil’s Gulch Road and head towards Glen Haven. Make a left onto Dunraven Glade Road (2 miles after town) and take the road all the way until it ends. The trail head is impossible to miss. You’ll stay in the forest most of the 10 miles, with little to see in the way of postcard views of the great Rockies. It’s worth it. There are countless sites to stop and make camp if you can’t make it all the way, but of course, don’t do it. Keep going. Lost Lake is beautiful to a point of silliness, and the campsites are just as fine. Get a good night’s sleep when you get there cause tomorrow is much better…

MP3: Pink Floyd – The Gold It’s In The…

MP3: Paul Simon – Loves Me Like A Rock (Acoustic Demo)

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You Say Morocco

I spent last week in Colorado, and on the drive back to Denver from Boulder, we stopped in beautiful Broomfield to buy some T-shirts at the ARC Thrift Shop. Before ARC, all we had was a dead iPod and the radio, so I bought a gift for the car in the form of a cassette of Jackson Browne’s first album, Saturate Before Using. Side B came on first, and its’ lead off track, “Something Fine”, has been in my head ever since. Perfect for any trip on Route 36. East or West.

As Jim said, “That’s a nice song.”

MP3: Jackson Browne – Something Fine

Youtube: Jackson Browne Playing The Same Song in 1976

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a real tom cat

Enjoy the weekend.

Thanks for reading the Splinter.

It’s good to see you, old friend.

MP3: The Rolling Stones – Stray Cat Blues (alternate-take)

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spike jonze on the box

Arguably the greatest skateboard clip of all time – courtesy of Spike Jonze.

Video: Lakai Fully Flared (Intro)

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delaware river song

Gotta say that getting in a kayak or a tube or a canoe or a raft and gliding down the beautiful Delaware River is one fine way to spend a weekend afternoon.  Even if you get caught in one freaky-ass lightning storm.  Then you enjoy your afternoon from the bank of that beautiful Delaware River, and wait for the rainbows.  In any case, if the weather is clear and the water level is high, you can have yourself one chiiiiiiil afternoon.  The drive is short from NYC and Philly, there are plenty of places to rent some gear.  Best of all experience is not required.  It’s a smooth ride.

Oh, and don’t forget your Coozie and a sixer of Budweiser.

Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

American Journeys – Delaware Water Gap

MP3: William & Versey Smith – When that Great Ship Went Down

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be well, my birdie

Oh, that glorious Wisconsin wilderness!

Everything new and pure in the very prime of the spring when Nature’s pulses were beating highest and mysteriously keeping time with our own!

Young hearts, young leaves, flowers, animals, the winds and the streams and the sparkling lake, all widely, gladly rejoicing together! - John Muir: The Story of My Boyhood and Youth

MP3: Townes Van Zandt – I’ll Be Here In The Morning

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Steal Your Face

MP3: Grateful Dead – Ripple (Demo)

MP3: Grateful Dead – Tastebud (From the Workingman’s Dead sessions)

MP3: Radio Promo For Workingman’s Dead

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