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The Last American Man

I listened to the This American Life with Eustance Conway last night before going to bed (it focuses on Eustace and his brother’s journey across the country on horseback) and decided it’d be a good idea to post this again. Read this book if you haven’t already. It’s really wonderful.

Before Elizabeth Gilbert wrote the ubiquitous Eat, Pray, Love, she wrote a fantastic book about a guy named Eustace Conway called The Last American Man. Conway is a naturalist who moved out of his house when he was 17 years old to live in a teepee. From there, he bought a plot of land in North Carolina that he named Turtle Island and has been living the “old fashioned” way ever since.

There’s mountains more to the story than that, but the interesting part of this book is how Gilbert focuses on Eustace the person, not Eustace the mountain man. The Last American Man is not about what tools Eustace uses to make a barn or how Eustace catches the squirrels that he eats for dinner. The book is a sad chicken and egg story about a guy’s exile from his family life and the modern world and his extreme love/obsession of a forgotten way of life. Eustace is one of the most incredible, brutal, and intense men you’ll ever read about. His story reminds us of how difficult it is to simply go into the woods and “live off the land.” There are papers to be signed and lots of money to be made…

Eustace on This American Life (I highly recommend listening to this)

Eustace on The Today Show

MP3: Gillian Welch – I Had A Real Good Mother And Father

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Lindsey Buckingham, Lindsey Buckingham

Thank you lord for Rutheda and Morris Buckingham. Thank you lord for Tusk.

Pure summer pop perfection from the heavens:

MP3: Fleetwood Mac – What Makes You Think You’re The One

MP3: Fleetwood Mac – Walk A Thin Line

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Independence Day

Have a great Fourth Of July weekend y’all.

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As you may have heard, there has been an epidemic devastating our country’s bee population for the past few years.  Billions of have died, leaving scientists and apiculturists struggling to keep a population that pollinates 80% of our fruits and vegetables alive.

Back in the news this week, it seems that we may be a step closer to understanding the root of Colony Collapse Disorder, leaving yet more questions than answers.  A mathematician even weighed in on the op-ed page of the Times this week.

Here’s hoping that it gets sorted out soon.

For further reading: check this fact-filled piece by one of the best environmental journalists in America, Elizabeth Kolbert.

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