Eddie + Laird

We’ve always been suckers for Eddie Vedder. Dude somehow did a bunch of things right, because let’s be honest, he shouldn’t be significant anymore. And maybe he’s not, but holy fuck is he cool. Hate him? Well, if you’ve ever seen Pearl Jam live, you wouldn’t. That band puts on an effortless rock show, every song’s a hit, and Eddie Vedder doesn’t miss a goddamn step.

Last night we saw Eddie and Laird Hamilton’s Iconoclasts on The Sundance Channel for the second time. The first time we saw it, we were overwhelmed by how annoyingly IN YOUR FACE Laird Hamilton seemed. But after watching it again, we think we have it all wrong. There’s some real cheese in the fifty minute long program, but there’s a moment where Eddie Vedder is painting a picture of Laird and he’s talking about how he’s the first guy to put in real perspective how big an ocean wave is. “He’s adding a human element to it, he’s giving it scale.” The point might be simple, and Riding Giants tries to make it over and over, but because of Eddie’s lack of drama and his extreme simplicity, you can’t help but to finally “get” why Laird is the way he is. Seems obvious, and I guess it’s ironic that we’re the idiots, not Laird, but if Laird wasn’t the way he is, he wouldn’t do the things he did. Seems like it’s the only personality you could possibly have to ride the waves he does.

Point: Those two together are way cooler than the sum of their parts.

MP3: Pearl Jam – Given To Fly (Clearly the producer’s favorite Pearl Jam song)

MP3: Pearl Jam – Grievance


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