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Bonnie Raitt

You might not believe it, and you might not really care too much, but before Bonnie Raitt gave us something to talk about in the late 80s, she was making some of the sweetest folk and blues records you’ve ever ignored. Her 1971 self-titled debut sounds like some friends made a big dinner in upstate California, decided that they would play some music after their bellies were full and, in the process, found out that one of their quiet friends, Bonnie, could sing. And play. They pressed record and forty effortless hippie-honeydew-California-blues minutes later, Bonnie Raitt was born.

MP3: Bonnie Raitt – Bluebird (Buffalo Springfield cover)

MP3: Bonnie Raitt- Any Day Woman

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Oh Redwood Tree, Please Let Us Under

“The redwoods, once seen, leave a mark or create a vision that stays with you always. No one has successfully painted or photographed a redwood tree. The feeling they produce is not transferable. From them comes silence and awe… Respect – that’s the word. One feels the need to bow to unquestioned sovereigns…” – John Steinbeck, Travels With Charley

MP3: Van Morrison – Redwood Tree

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What Treasures Have You Brought To Me?

“My father was part of a team surveying Arctic regions for the establishment of the DEW Line from Greenland, across to Ellesmere Island and Baffin Island, then down Hudson Bay to Churchill. These are photos he took along the way.” Here.

MP3: Jean Ritchie – Sailor, Sailor On The Sea

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The Sun’s Not Yellow, It’s Chicken

Portugal is about to put 2,520 giant solar panels to work, making it the biggest solar farm on Earth. Portugal is also home to the world’s biggest wind farm as well, with 130 turbines. By 2020, they plan to generate over a third of its energy from renewable resources. Story here.

We should really be listening to more snowkiters.

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You Ought To See My Blue Eyed Sally

Does someone have one of these so we can go to this? Thanks ever so much.

Youtube: Good Lord, Good Lord

Thank you for letting us steal your style.

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Sweet Annie

Last fall we went up to Unity, Maine to attend the Common Ground Country Fair. There’s nothing wrong with a weekend full of alpacas, roosters, sheep, and loads of locally grown food. But I’ll tell ya, the highlight of Common Grounds was the smell. Everyone was walking around with crowns made of Sweet Annie, one of the most heavenly things that’s ever filled our noses. It might remind most of autumn and rumor has it that some people consider it a weed in their gardens because it spreads so easily, but if you’re like us and your garden consists of some plastic containers on your fire escape, then buy a bucket now and plant some Sweet Annie seeds next to your cilantro. In a few weeks, you’ll be in the Maine woods no matter what town you live in.

Youtube: Rolling Stones – Waiting On A Friend

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One of our absolute favorite records we’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to is Heron’s 1970 self-titled debut. The album was recorded outside in the middle of a field near the River Thames. You can actually hear birds chirping on several songs and at the end of “Car Crash” a band member laughs as he quietly whispers, “little black things are crawling all over me.” Heron will make you want to move to the country, buy an assortment of farm animals, and live in a never ending time where spring straddles summer. It’s strawberry pies and gooseberry pudding.

MP3: Heron – Yellow Roses

MP3: Heron – Sally Goodin

MP3: Heron – Car Crash

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King Of The Wild Frontier

A few people put out versions of “Davy Crockett” during the mid-50s obsession with the Disney television adaptations, but it was Bill Hayes’ version that went gold. Here’s Bill reading about the Creek Indian War from Davy’s autobiography.

MP3: Bill Hayes – The Creek Indian War (From Davy Crockett’s Autobiography)

“I must give an account of the part I took in the defense of the country. If it should make me be president, why, I can’t help it. Such things will sometimes happen and my pluck is never to seek or decline office.”

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American Cowboy (Parts I and II)

American Cowboy is one of the endless amounts of gems at A reporter goes to a ranch in Gunnison, Colorado to write a story about cowboys and finds out life isn’t like Gene Autry portrays it. Works better with your own music and none of the original narration.

Part I and Part II

MP3: Tim Hardin – Once Touched By Flame

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Coat Of Many Colors

If I had some money to bet, I’d bet that God got real proud of what he had done when he put the needle down on Dolly Parton’s Coat Of Many Colors. He turned the volume up, sat back in his favorite green leather chair, opened the window in his living room, smiled, and quietly whispered to himself, “You did good. You did real good.”

Ms. Parton will go straight to heaven for giving the world this 28 minute wound-healer. Perfect in ever way, at every second, at every turn.

MP3: Dolly Parton – My Blue Tears

MP3: Dolly Parton – Here I Am

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