Okie Noodling II

In 2001, Bradley Beesley (Summercamp) made a movie about a subculture of men who go catfishing with their bare hands. He called that movie Okie Noodling. Beesley decided that he’d go back a few years later to visit some of these guys and make a film about the newfound legal issues and commercialization of their sport. Okie Noodling II, due out July 14th on DVD, is a beautifully shot documentary full of men you wish you knew. By the end, you’ll feel as though you’ve spent countless summer afternoons in an Oklahoma river participating in one of the most under-appreciated forms of bizarre Americana. More info here.

Oh, what a good day to go fishing.


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One Response to Okie Noodling II

  1. Filepa July 8, 2009 at 5:27 pm #

    Just witness the show on pbs. Super heart you guys have.Oh yell, lots of groceies for the winter when a fish weights 54lbs. That’s alright. I’ll stick to the 30 40lbs test line or the dead presidents when it comes to caughting catfish. Again great job and sport.You guys are the Magic and Larrys Birds of noodling. Filepa!!!

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