I’d Have 3 Flowers, Bob had 4.

A few years back, we went up to BB King's in Times Square and sat in a small dark room with Ramblin' Jack Elliott, an upside down Stetson, and a whole mess of coffee. Tim didn't know how to work a camera, I didn't know how to do an interview, but Ramblin' Jack sure did know how to talk. He gave us a little info about him and Bob Dylan touring together as the Rolling Thunder Revue and we just about lost it: "I was the first one to put the flower in my hat on Rolling Thunder Revue. We got into the Rolling Thunder Revue hat/flower contest, who could have more flowers in their hat. At each successive show, I'd have 3 flowers, Bob had 4. I'd have 4 and he'd have 5. We were just playing around with the makeup too. I had a heart painted on my face one time. Another time I had a tear coming out of my eye. We were like rodeo clowns. I remember when Arlo [Guthrie] asked Bob why he always had that clown white on his face. Arlo said, 'What's that shit on your face?' Bob said, 'What face?'" MP3: Bob Dylan - Love Minus Zero/No Limit (Live) MP3: Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Hard Travelin' Youtube: Bob Dylan - Isis Youtube: Ramblin Jack - Salt Pork, West Virginia


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  1. daniel June 24, 2008 at 2:38 pm #

    #1 story.

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