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Now we’re big on nostalgia around here, and upon hearing a couple of weeks back that a hundred and eight year old company called Lionel Trains emerged from bankruptcy, we couldn’t help but feel okay, because really, there ain’t no memory like the memory of the first time you took control of a Santa Fe Super Chief on a basement train set.

It also makes you feel okay to hear that Lionel Trains owners will remain with the company, because really, there ain’t no better name in model trains these days than Neil Young. And there ain’t no better story in model trains than the one about Neil’s bond with his handicapped son:

Neil Young’s Incredible Lionel Empire: 1993 article from Classic Toy Trains. “He accepted the challenges presented by Ben’s condition and responded by developing a completely new method of toy train control, giving his son the chance to experience the joys of toy train operation”

Take a Ride on Neil Young’s Trains: A 1997 story published not long after Neil purchased a 20% stake in Lionel.

Model Train Journal message board with text of May 5, 2008 Wall Street Journal story regarding the future of Lionel Trains.

Here’s hoping that many more fathers and sons find memories down the tracks of a Lionel.

MP3: Neil Young – I am a Child [Live at Massey Hall 1971]


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